Hostile, Ep


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Lane - Vocals
Ryan - Guitar
Jamar - Bass / Vocals
Josh - Drums


released July 14, 2017

Recorded / Mastered by Brendon Worthington



all rights reserved


TYRANTS Chattanooga, Tennessee

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Track Name: Happy Endings
Looking back
I've tried to get rid of this shit from my past
Fuck, atleast I can say I tried to find my place in life before I die
Track Name: Hostile
I need some help
Trying to save my self
You put that needle in them herion is such a fucking bitch
Push the plunger to the bottom it's like a trigger tightly gripped
Why is my friend ODing
Why can't I feel him breathing
His mother she screams don't let them take him from me
He means the world to me
As I creeped in to his room I found your name your address too
Only thing left to say run
Junkie disgusting don't let the sun look at your back
Track Name: I.C.E.
I can't even explain what it's like to live in my mind the thought of you still breathing drives me insane
I wish I had slit your throats your a joke just a fucking hoax to truly love someone who only hates do you think this was all just a game the thought I did it all in vein drives me insane
Run don't look back my sanity is under attack
You deserve everything you got in this fucking life
Die slow you immoral peace of shit
Fuck you
Gutter peace of shit
Track Name: Cherophobic
Tragedy finds me a noose in my hand the reaper he taunts me a hollow point to the head I can't breath anxiety is eating at me it speaks into my mind please help me
Anxiety running the pages of my mind please save me from this nonsense called the way of life
Save your myself won't let you drown in the sea of shit life is what you make of it anxiety brings me down don't let it take the fucking crown
Track Name: Slime
You are aching within my spine the only difference between you and I this desperation that grasps for your soul now your praying to the needle holes
I can't see through the smoke it taunts me just pack one more bowl then lights out straight to the dome ingest toxic smoke you are slime now it's time to say goodbye
Selfish waste an incarnation
Of human decay selling drugs just to get by stealing money just to get high coward
Kick it
Track Name: Gutter
Burry me six feet down no coffin no morning me gutter life all I need is to be free
I need sleep
Anxiety is eating at me save me I'm in hell
Gutter life mother fucker
Our country wasn't built on hate and greed our friends shouldn't be determined by color or creed with all the hate that fills or streets our country is dying
It bleeds out in the gutter
Color codes don't mean shit to me fuck some bullshit bigotry set me free
Gutter life